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International Microchip Database Center – Finally! IVETAA now offers the availability of a One-World all-pet microchip database to enable true follow-up of pets worldwide. An international database will enable speedy animal recovery in the event of loss of animals due to air carrier error or any other cause.

International Pet Passport (under construction)
An international passport, connected to the International Microchip database, which will include all international requirements in a comprehensive booklet.

  • IVETAA Pet Passport is designed to become the internationally recognized document for traveling pets. The passport is endorsed by member societies and will be used as the official document accompanying the pet when traveling abroad.
  • How to get it: please follow the link to our online store for further instructions. (under construction)
Pet Flight Insurance - A unique international insurance policy, in affiliation with Lloyd's of London – developed by IVETAA specifically for animal transport travel conditions.

Online Store: (under construction)

  • Insurance: Type of insurance; Type of animal; Type of coverage; #of days; pet's info; owner's info; fees...
  • Passport: Animal's info; owner's info; Country of origin; Picture; fees
  • Microchip ID
  • Country Guide and Regulation Manual
  • Kennels

These and many other products will be available by March 2008.